Covid Vaccinations for Housebound Patients

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Since starting the COVID vaccination campaign we have visited many patients who have told us that they are housebound but have since attended the surgery for other purposes. This has led us to review our housebound register to ensure that we can focus our resources on visiting those who are in genuine need of home visits whilst protecting our clinicians capacity for appointments at the surgery. If our team are out doing visits this means they cannot see patients in the practice. Therefore only those patients who strictly meet the housebound criteria will be offered their vaccination at home.

If you have attended the surgery for an appointment in the last 3 months you will have been removed from the housebound register. Alternatively you may have been removed from the list because you have not been available at home when a clinician has previously tried to visit you. In order to meet the housebound criteria you must be physically unable to leave your home and unfortunately a lack of transport does not qualify you for housebound status. We can provide details for local taxi services should you require this, alternatively we politely ask that you try and find transport with a family member or friend.

We hope you understand why we have needed to take this approach to prioritising our home visiting capacity for those who are most in need. For those no longer eligible for a visit, we will be running in-house clinics that you will be able to attend and you will be invited to book when they become available.

If you think that your circumstances have changed since your last visit to the practice please advise us and your details will be passed onto a member of our clinical team who can assess your request for a home visit.