Long Stratton & Newton Flotman Patient Participation Group

We are an active, friendly group, formed in April 2015, made up of patients from the practice who had previously been part of the virtual group (set up in 2011). Our aim is to improve communication and understanding between patients and practice staff. Our joint aim is the provision of a high quality, equal access, patient-centred, local healthcare service.  We, as patients ourselves, also acknowledge that we must take responsibility for our own health where we can.

As a group we meet with representatives of the Practice staff every 2 months, to look at ways we can support positive changes in the service the practice provides, in the light of patients’ comments, and also to understand why the practice cannot always implement the changes that we, the patients might wish.  It is our future intention to hold information sessions on various health topics, with specialist speakers, which will be open to all patients who wish to attend.

If you have any suggestions or comments that you would like to make you can do so in many ways:

  • Via this website by clicking on the “Contact Us” tab and completing the form.  The message is then sent to the surgery’s mailbox and forwarded to our Chairperson so they can contact you.
  • Email for the attention of LSNFPPG to [email protected]
  • Post your comments to LSNFPPG at Swan Lane Surgery, Tharston, Norwich NR15 2UY

Sometimes patients prefer to make comments anonymously but if you are willing to give your name and contact details we will be able to give you constructive feedback.

It is also good to hear what you like about the service you receive and therefore what you would like to retain or see unchanged.

PPG Membership

We are still looking for more members, with a bit of spare time, who are willing to do something very worthwhile for the local community.  We are particularly interested in anyone aged 17-50 to make the group more representative of the patient population and ensure younger patients have a voice.

For any questions regarding the PPG or for details on how to apply please ask at Reception on contact them on 01508 530781, or email [email protected].